Being a first time home buyer should be an exciting and fun experience!

The good news is that you have options, and a lot of them. If anyone tells you that you have to work with a specific Company, question it and their integrity. You are the Boss here! Recommendations are best, allowing you to conduct research and make an informed decision.

There are some steps you will want to take before you start shopping.

  1. Know your credit score (also known as a fico score), many companies offer them online for a small fee, if any. My favorite is I am told that if you check your own credit it will not count against you. Allowing too many Lenders / Loan Co. to run your credit can actually affect your score. Click on "Credit Scores" for more information on how your credit score works.

  2. Know how much home you can buy. For this you may want to ask friends or family members for a name of a Lender or Mortgage Co. that they have been happy with. The Realtor you decide to work with can also recommend Lenders that they have worked with. Something to keep in mind when you have chosen a Loan Co.: Be honest with your answers and do not forget any information. This could lead you into an Escrow that suddenly falls apart because you forgot something or thought that information wasnít important. If youíre not sure, ask the Lender. Let them help you decide if it will affect you. Your Lender will pre-qualify or pre-approve you and let you know what price you can shop for. Make sure you know what the payment is going to be and whether it includes taxes & insurance, you donít want any surprises later. If you donít like the payment amount, tell your Lender that youíre not comfortable and what amount you would like to pay. Remember you are the boss here and that you will be the one making the payment later. Donít stretch yourself too far! Make sure you will have money left over every month to still enjoy life, dinner, movies etc. Most important, once you have decided to purchase a home and you have begun working with a Loan Co.  Do not go out and buy a new car or make other large purchases. These can have a negative affect on your credit score or income to debt ratio. There will be time after you close Escrow.

  3. Pick a Realtor to help you search for your new home. Again you may want to depend on family or friends to recommend one they enjoyed working with. Make sure the Realtor you choose is working for you, again you are the boss. It is important to communicate with your Realtor, tell them what is important to you in a house. Keep in mind unless you are building it yourself chances are your first home will not have everything you ever wanted. Your Realtor will do their best to search for properties that fit your wants and needs. As you are out looking at homes, donít be afraid to tell your Realtor about the things you saw that you did or did not like. This will only help your Realtor do a better job when searching. I once had a young Client that told me a particular house made her feel old, that was crucial and after that I knew what we needed. Had she not communicated that, we may have gone through a dozen other homes like it and possibly missed out on one she would have loved. Donít get frustrated, sometimes it takes a little time for that special house to pop up. It is better to wait then to buy something you will not really be happy with.

Ok, now you have just a little of the important stuff. Please do your homework and research before you set out. The buttons on the left will go through many aspects of your Real Estate transaction. When you understand what is happening or (suppose to be happening), it will make the experience fun and exciting. You may still have moments of stress or doubts, thatís normal youíre human. This will be one of the biggest decisions in your life. Talk to your Realtor about any and all concerns you have. Without knowledge, you have to trust that the people you are working with care about you as much as you do.

I wish you the Best, as always Iím just a phone call away if you need me!